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Welcome here! We’re glad that you want to learn more about us. My Life Is Peachy is an iconic brand with a wonderful history. Know this: The very first bog post issue of MLP was in 1988.

Mylifeispeachy was home to powerful portfolio of brands, from iconic industry-leading home and garden properties, fashion and style to some fastest growing voices in food and recipes, family and parenting, pet keeping, and commerce.

Meet the team

Editor in chief

Rita S. Mitchell

Executive director

Mary A. Loy

Design director

Kathlene C. Dance

Managing Editor

John J. Bluhm


Home and Garden editor

Paula S. Herrera

Assistant managing director

William L. Smith

Editorial assistant

John E. Cheney

Market Editor

Edward D. Hackney

Food & recipes director

Esther J. Blanchard

Assistant managing director

Lonnie S. Ratcliff

Editorial assistant

Joseph S. Phillips

Market Editor

Iesha J. Simpson


Baby and parenting Editor

Betty J. Rhodes

Assistant managing director

Julie S. Holmes

Editorial assistant

Elizabeth A. Harris

Market Editor

Isaura L. Preston


Pet keeping editor

Kristen R. Deemer

Assistant managing director

Spencer L. Vannoy

Editorial assistant

Aaron F. Bax

Market Editor

John J. Fernandez


Why Trust Us?


To be sure we get it right, My Life Is Peachy works closely with qualified experts and follows thorough editing and fact-checking protocol prior to publishing. Content published is fact-checked periodically and properly reviewed to ensure the information provided is fair, accurate, and always up-to-date.

And to regularly consulting our go-to home and garden, baby and parenting, health, beauty, and pet keeping experts for insights and analysis, we also rely on the expertise of our gardeners, analysts, in-house engineers, nutritionists, and product review experts at My Life Is Peachy circle to provide us with an accurate and up-to-date information.

Affiliate disclosure

MyLifeIsPeachy.com participates in many affiliate marketing programs, this means we get paid for qualifying sales at no additional cost to you for any products we recommend, please read our affiliate disclosure here.

However, all the products featured on mylifeispeachy.com is independently researched, tested, or editor-approved. Consumers are always considered first and only we only recommend the products that we trust and stand behind.

The products and merchandise featured on our site is always driven by editorial and product testing standards, not by affiliate deals or advertising gains or relationships.

Editorial independence

Although mylifeispeachy.com is supported in part by advertising, our content is produced independently and held to rigorous standards of quality, accuracy, and integrity. However, in some cases, sponsors may be allowed input regarding broad concepts, but they hold no material influence over the end product. Content created in partnership with advertisers is clearly marked as such.


Our trusted relationship is taken with our readers seriously and therefore maintains a strict privacy policy.

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My Life Is Peachy offices are located at 285 W. 58th Street in New York City. You can email us directly at [email protected] If you’re interested in subscribingsigning up for our newsletter, or have a question about your subscription, visit our Contact Us page to get in touch and learn more.


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