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Serving Better with a Master’s Degree on Public Administration

Working as a public servant can be very challenging but rewarding. Working in public administration is a well-paying and rewarding career. Anyone can enter into the field of public service but having the heart, drive and will to serve will only get you so far.  If one of your career goals is getting to the top of the ladder, you would need to equip yourself with the qualifications needed. One of them is to take a degree on masters of public administration online.

Public administration (MPA) is closely related to public policy (MPP) master’s degrees. Many university programs in public administration offer courses to meet the needs of working professionals who may already be employed in a public administration role.

This discipline teaches graduates about budgeting, grant writing, public relations, mediating, leadership, organization, research, policy writing, and much more. Some degree programs also offer specializations in defense management, health policy, nonprofit management and governance.

Graduates tackle and try to find practical solutions for modern, real-world issues, such as sustainable living, climate-change, education, and health care reform.

After earning the degree, one is equipped to manage public and private organizations, non-profit and service groups, and work in various levels of government (federal, state, county, and local) and civic organizations, overseeing various departments.

Still not convinced? Here are some examples of career opportunities for those with a Master’s Degree on Public Administration

  • Senior Research Manager (at a prestigious college)
  • Director of Health Services (at a government agency)
  • Project Director (at a charitable trust)
  • City Director (in a major metropolitan city)
  • Deputy Director (for a non-profit)
  • Faculty Position (at a university)
  • County Commissioner
  • Vice President of Budgets and Contracts
  • C.E.O. (Chief Executive Officer)
  • City Manager
  • Policy Analyst
  • Public Relations Director
  • Manager, Program Evaluation
  • Deputy Minister

Even if you are not decided on which field of specialty to get into, it is advisable to get a master’s degree as these days, getting one is easier with online universities offering master’s degree programs that can be finished in two years. Earning a master’s degree will not only help you advance in your career, it can also help you change or do a shift in your career.

About the Author:

Martha Blythe is a healthcare professional deciding on what master’s degree program to take. She wants to venture into the public sector and get involved with non-government organizations so she is thinking whether to enroll in the emergency management masters degree program.

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