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New Venture

A friend of mine is asking me to invest on her new food business. It is mostly cupcakes, when I tried it during one of my trip to their house it was so delicious. I must say it was one of the best that I have ever tasted. So, if this kind of cupcakes will be selling then I have to agree with the business proposal. During one of our transactions, she asked me to check out IM creator if I just have time. I just nodded, and were back again to work. This new venture for this new year will be our baby project for the year.

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The best combination for my Music Trip. A good Headset & My Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

Beats by Dre

Then with these two…I just listened to my favorite song “One” by U2.

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Renovation Plan

Planning on redecorating our house this new year. I am starting on our living room area in which i am planning to re-paint some of the area and buy some new furniture to have a better feel on it. Then my friend suggested to change some of our curtains and  she was able to find the best burlap drapes curtains in the net. At first  i was hesitant to change it but when i was able to see it i’ll definitely change it since it will be a big improvement on the look of our living room

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New Year, New Business

2014 a New Year for us, I am expecting great things to happen this year. We are planning to put up a business this year. Our Fengshui expert friend told us that we should start the business this year. We are planning to put up a Party Supplies business in which we will cater for birthdays and other parties. We have done some dry run last year and it was a success. Some of these products were bought from abroad to cater the demands of high profile people. We can also cater to the middle class in which we plan to provide some packages that will suit their budget.

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Which 2013 tablet is the best for gaming?

If there is one that is good about gaming these days it is that it is more accessible than ever before, this is mainly due to the fact that you can play games on nearly any device you own these days including mobile devices such as tablets. Gone are the days where in order to play games you had to spend thousands of pounds on a high spec PC or gaming console, instead now or you need to do is spend a little bit of money on a new tablet and you get access to thousands of games instantly through the inbuilt App Store. Not only are the games also cheaper than blockbuster retail games as well but there is a great deal of choice when you get looking, this can include anything from puzzle games to action games as well as many online casinos like Gaming Club casino online offering their casino games for you to enjoy.

If you’re thinking of getting a tablet than there is definitely a number of different brands and models that you should check out, however there is one that is more popular than the rest for a reason and that is the Apple iPad. This year, just like every other year, Apple released a new iPad called the iPad Air and the main selling point of this was of course the fact that the tablet was lighter than any other. Not only is the iPad Air lighter than its predecessors but it also carries the same power meaning that playing games on it is a much more enjoyable experience as you can hold up the tablet much longer. With a dual core processor powering the retina display you are sure to have a great experience from playing games on the iPad.

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New Instrument

I was checking some stuff online and my curiosity led me to check on some instruments for my daughter. She is also into music like his brother. Her brother is into percussion while she is into wind instruments. During my search online i was able to check the best alto recorder. I showed it to her and she liked it. She asked me to check this out this coming weekend. I assured her that this coming weekend we’ll check this out together.

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Do You Need a Family Law Attorney?

Family is considered to be one of the most important social units in our society today. In fact, a lot of emphasis is put on the importance of having a healthy relationship within your individual family unit. Of course, people with families are still people and make mistakes often. It seems like problems tend to occur more frequently in families. So, what are you supposed to do when these familial problems escalate to a level that you didn’t expect? If you find yourself in a similar situation, you might want to consider hiring a family law attorney in San Jose, CA, to help you out. This article will explain why.

Family Law

The law is a large and complicated thing. There are many different laws, regulations, and processes within the law of the country, and you can’t be expected to know every single one. In fact, one of the largest parts of the law is family law. Family law entails situations such as marriage, annulments, divorce, child custody, and adoption. If you are facing any one of these situations, you will definitely want to get the advice of a family law attorney. If you don’t know anything about the intricacies of family law, you will probably get lost along the way, especially if you don’t get any help.

The Right Attorney

As stated earlier, there are many different situations in which you will need to hire the services of a family law attorney. Some family law attorneys will actually advertise their services as being able to help with any of those situations. While these tend to be good at everything, they are rarely experts in anything. If you find yourself in a divorce, try to find an attorney that specializes in divorce, for example.

Finding an Attorney

Now that you have a better idea of what kind of family law attorney in San Jose, CA, that you need to hire, you will want to start your search. When you search for attorneys, you won’t want to rush your decision. Hiring the wrong attorney for your situation can have catastrophic consequences for your case. Get recommendations from people you trust that have recently been through a similar situation.

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Hire a Painting Company or DIY?

If you have kids, at some point you will get a hole in the wall; it’s inevitable. Whether it comes from horsing around, or a temper tantrum, at some point the wall is going to need repairing. When this happens, you can either call a drywall and painting company to do the job, or you can do it yourself. Repairing a hole in your drywall isn’t a challenging thing to do, though it will take several days because of the necessary drying time. The most difficult part of the process is getting the new piece of drywall to match seamlessly with the old, though this can be done with patience and practice.

Repairing a Hole in the Drywall

Before you begin, you will need to pick up a replacement piece of drywall and a few tools and supplies. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • A scrap bit of drywall from a remnant at the hardware store
  • Some 1×4 boards to use as a backing for setting the drywall piece in place
  • Some drywall screws
  • Some paper tape
  • A tub of drywall compound
  • A utility knife
  • A drywall saw
  • A 10 inch spreading knife
  • A 6 inch taping knife
  • Some 100 grit sandpaper

Once you have all of these tools and supplies, you are ready to begin.

  1. First, you need to cut out the piece of broken drywall. This is done by using a utility knife to score the edges, and a drywall saw to cut the board. Be careful when cutting the drywall board that you don’t accidently slice through any wires or pipes.
  2. Next you need to provide support for the new piece of drywall. This is done by either exposing some of the wooden studs on either side of the cut (usually too much hassle) or by screwing the 1×4 backer boards into place on either side of the hole using drywall screws. Attach the backer boards at their top and bottom edges behind the drywall, with most of the backer board showing on each side, and about four inches hidden above and below the hole. Two screws in each end should hold them in place, and be sure to sink the screws into the drywall so they can be hidden later on.
  3. Cut the new piece of board to size and dry-fit it. Once you are sure it fits well, use the drywall compound to add a 1/8 inch layer of mud (slang for drywall compound) over the joints, and then press some paper tape into the mud with your 6 inch taping knife over each seam. Add another thin layer of mud (you can thin it up with some water) over the tape before allowing the mud to dry overnight.
  4. Next, you need to add one or two more layers of mud (each layer being allowed to dry) to feather in the edges and make the blend between drywall pieces seamless.
  5. The last step is to sand the dried mud with your sandpaper to ensure a beautifully flat and smooth finish. Once you are done, you can paint the wall.

While you could hire a painting company to do this for you, learning to fix a hole in your wall is a great skill to have under your belt and will likely come in handy several more times as your kids grow.

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No to Stress

I need some self reminder for now.

I am so stressed with a lot of things already , work and errands around the house. Well, I have learned to say NO to people causing my stress but I can’t say NO yet to things that’s stressing me out!

Oh well, I hope I can organize things now and clear out my min of negativity.  Happy Wednesday!

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Keep it Clean Online

I think I will need something like the Drive Scrubber Program in my laptop.  What is Drive Scrubber? It is a program that permanently erases pictures, files and passwords in your laptop or computer. It also restore your hard drive giving it a new condition. I have a lot of pictures and files downloaded from the internet  and I want to permanently delete it from my computer to save on space.  For 1 year of service, it usually starts at $19.95 . If you want to clean up your files, then get the wipe hard drive at Iolo.com .

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